Teerak- My Mom Is Sick And I Need Money



“Teerak, my mother is ill and I want money”. It is no big secret that there’s lots of prostitution in Thailand, although the amounts are significantly exaggerated by sensationalist media. There are lots of stories of adorable bar women handling five or five boyfriends at one time and inventing increasingly advanced tactics to extract cash. “Teerak, my mother is ill and I want money” is a timeless lineup utilized by farang residents in Thailand to explain such women taxi pattaya .

Perhaps less well known is that the civilization of household. The Thai household is the centerpiece of society in a sense that lots of individuals in the West find hard to comprehend. To put it differently, the family appears after each other. Should you marry to a Thai family you’re expected to support family. In practice, nevertheless, most Thai girls will anticipate their Farang boyfriend to encourage the household too. The “prosperity” of a guy is therefore an essential element in picking a spouse. To some this sounds quite cynical, nearly comparable to prostitution. That is a huge over- simplification. Thai culture isn’t Western civilization: necessarily worst or better, only different.

As usual I do not reply. When I answered every phone call I receive I’d be on the telephone 30 hours per day. “My mother dying” Ok, that seems serious. I phone her and two hours later I’m at Phatumtani hospital, about one hour from central Bangkok.

It is a government practice and that I heard terrible things about those associations. Nevertheless, it was clear, the patients were ill but not cared for, the team looked professional and the maintenance was fairly excellent. In that timeless Thai manner I really love and respect all of the households of these patients are in situ. It’s all very busy but what in Thailand is disorderly, and it is fine.

Opposite us is quite old and very little woman. She has to be in her 80s and she’s dying. It is not a major thing. It is only her time. Her grandson, that I figure is 35+, is about his change today. You can see instantly that caring isn’t his thing! Overall he’s revealing his love and esteem because of his grandmother. It is a sad affair yet also invigorating.

I see this with virtually every individual and loved ones. A very, very old woman being cared for and fed with her both husband. Young children drifting around. Individual traffic in the very best way.

We arrive and her mother is bad. Seems she’s had an aneurism. She’s unconscious and the physicians have said to have ready. Her sister Ying has flown from Chiang Mai and will be not there. So the women do their Thai item and that I settle down for a very long moment. They bathe their mother, speak to her, hold her hands, and shout a lot (obviously!) . I kid around a bit, buy food, buy beverage, etc. And we await your physician. A person is dying on the ground beneath. He’s back a few hours afterwards. He gets really close to us now ahead of his phone rings and he is off again. An hour goes and then he eventually gets to us.

The physicians do some fairly nasty items to Neung’s mother, but for the ideal reasons of course. The physician takes his period. He’s young but he’s thorough. The prognosis is uncertain. In essence he says that we only need to wait a couple of days and see what happens.

Neung begins asking me how she can go to be with her mother while she’s functioning, how she can cover the cab and so forth. Gradually we’re becoming to the stage of “teerak, my mother is ill and I want money”. Before I get the opportunity to generate the anticipated “deal” her aunt arrives kind Chiang Mai, remains some time, is clearly wondering who the hell this farang is, then renders while offering Neung some money to look after expenses.

And slowly everybody cheers up. Neung even has the “balls” to phone the insurance broker about the entire life coverage…”teerak, I want to consider funeral expenditures…”. Go figure!

Neighbors neighbors and come go. Telephones are “sexy”. It is very good to see people fond. I need that will be the situation when it is my turn to proceed.

And it is interesting. I am only one hour from Bangkok yet it appears like I’m in another universe.

I might have done without all of it. I’ve had to wait for a trip back to Switzerland, my dwelling. I’m tired. And I’d definitely prefer Neung’s mum to be nicely. Yet I wouldn’t have missed the experience. It showed me a few fantastic things about this nation. It reaffirmed the household . It revealed dignity. I’m happy I was not there. I really don’t think Neung’s mother will recuperate but I believe her daughter is starting to correct. We had not talked for several months. Perhaps this isn’t the best reason to speak , however, it was great to do this anyhow.


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