Terms of the Principles of Healthy Home Design Perspective


Perspective Design House – Desain interior Most people assume that a healthy home is a home that is clean and well maintained. This opinion is true, but not entirely appropriate to look at the perception of a healthy home from the standpoint of design. A good home design is also attention to the health of the occupants inside. A healthy home from the viewpoint of the design of the house has several requirements that must be fulfilled. The terms include the following:

Having Ventilation

Having air ventilation is one of the requirements of a healthy home. Air vents serves to drain turnover (circulation) air into the house so that the room is not stuffy and hot. Air circulation is supplied by ventilation is sufficient to replace the role of air-conditioning and a fan in the house. Note that the ventilation air in a house is considered sufficient in terms of quantity based on their needs. The air vents can be placed just above the windows and doors. The air vents also should not always be made at the top of the window and door. In some instances a particular home design, there are air vents that were made in the walls of the room and so forth.

Lighting of the Sun Source

A healthy home is one house that provides space for the entry of sunlight. The sunlight is essentially a source of life for living beings. Vitamin D is very useful for humans are also embodied in the morning sunlight. Therefore the design of a healthy home is a house that facilitates the sunlight to get into the house. The window is one of the main door entry of sunlight. We recommend that every room there is a window in it with widths from 50 cm in length menyeuaikan design of your home.

Having Drainage

Drainage is the disposal of waste water procession manid, washing, and others. To drain the waste water should be used PVC pipe with size and good quality to be able to survive long. Drainage should also be covered with a concrete slab that is easy to clean if ever encounter blockages.

Stairs (if any)

For the two-storey building houses or more would require stairs as access up and down. Make the stair design that does not make you feel tired when using it to install on each stair landing. Void in the ladder should be sized wider than the stairs.


Plavon house should be made with a height of 310 cm from the floor of the house. This meant that the volume of the room feel more loose. Besides altitude plavon also serves as a silencer heat the room coming from outside the house.

There is a page Open

Good and healthy home is a home that are open pages either front or rear yard. Although it is not too extensive, the page can be one of the determinants of your home healthy or not. The front page of the home can difungikan as a small garden containing plants and small trees. Plants and trees function as an oxygen enhancer for your healthy home. While backyard can function as a small garden to grow vegetables for daily consumption. Growing vegetables now also require a large area if done with a hydroponic system. Given the small garden in your backyard, in addition to being oxygen-producing plants, your nutritional needs will be easily met.

Similarly, some of the terms a design standpoint healthy home can be summarized in this article. should some point is well planned when they wanted to build a house and determine the design of the house to your dwelling. After efforts to build a healthy house in done, then it is your responsibility as residents to care for and maintain the cleanliness of your home so that your dwelling into a dwelling healthy and liveable.

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