Apakah Jasa Renovasi Rumah

renovasi rumah

Jasa Renovasi Rumah Murah dan Terpercaya Sejak 1995

solution for home renovation services and build your new home Internet Design, Survey and Draft Budget www.griyarenovasi.com We are a professional company that handles remodeling services Home and Bulid House. Good house shops, offices, schools, kostan, factories, and steel construction. We are a service provider for you who want to build or renovate houses, especially in the area around Jakarta and Bekasi.


Building a house is to plan what you want and apply to be realized as we plan and make all the facilities and infrastructure or infrastructure in culture or human life in building a civilization.

Jasa Renovasi dan Bangun Rumah


1- Providing optimal service to consumers
2- working atmosphere that is safe, transparent and trustworthy
The best thing to do by people of good will, as well as building a house. Good building can only be built by the best people. Building better, live better and certainly a good future.

The following services we offer to our Client
Services Install Ceramic Floor
Services Install Ceramic Wall
pairs of granite
Install Services Granite Floor
Install Services Granite Walls
Marble Polishing services
Granite Polishing Services
painting services
Interior Painting Services
Exterior Painting Services
services post ceiling
Install Service Ceiling
Ceiling Interior Painting Services
Ceiling Exterior Painting Services
brick post services
Installation Services Bata
Services Plaster Walls
Services Pengacian Wall
tile pairs services
Tile Installation Services
Install Services Iron Canopy Frame
steel construction services
Construction Services Steel Factory / Warehouse
Partition post services
Services Install Partition Wall
home renovation services
hopefully what the objectives we facilitate and satisfy all our customers and we are of team building renovation services say Thank you for the magnitude of the visit and your interest in renovation services of team building renovation services we pray always Create Your Success